Accounting for Startups

There’s a thrill in starting a business. The optimism and hopefulness of branching out on your own. The rush of taking complete ownership of your future and committing to long-term success. Building a startup is a great decision that many Americans can admire—But it also has its challenges.

Startup owners have to oversee every facet of the business. It can become overwhelming fast, especially when dealing with the financial side of the company. Fortunately, we can help your startup by taking some of the accounting tasks off of your plate.

Tax Planning Service for Startups

At Integrated Accounting & Tax, we provide budget-friendly accountant services for startups. For only $250 per quarter, we can help your startup through strategies that help your small business save money on taxes. We can also help prepare you for tax law changes and ensure you’re ready to take on whatever financial hurdles might come your way.

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