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Simple Accounting Solutions for a Complex Business World.

That sounds easy enough, right?! In today’s economy, simple solutions have never been more important. @ Integrated, we focus on the client and ensuring that every service we offer is both integral to what you need as a business owner, but also fits your end personal goals. Contact Us today for a FREE Personal or Business Income Tax review. We tailor our services to fit your needs and goals. Design your taxes! We are located in the heart of downtown Prior Lake in the Rock Creek Building. Use the elevator to Floor 3, or the stairs if you’re brave.

Integrated Accounting + Tax provides services in four areas that are essential in managing your business.

Accounting | Tax | Payroll | CFO Services

Whether you choose one service or all four, we work together to provide you with the help your business needs to enhance, streamline, and succeed. Get back to doing what you love. We offer a wide variety of financial services for so many types of companies. If you know of a service-based business that is looking to grow financially strong, we would love to help them.

Behind the Scene

About Integrated Tax

Monthly accounting services provide substantially more value than only an annual service. If an accountant only sees your numbers once a year, it is too late to offer advice that would have helped to make that year more profitable. And definitely too late to lower your tax liability for a year that is already over with. 1) It saves you time, 2) You get regular business profitability advice, 3)You have peace of mind that your finances are handled, 4) Your tax liability is reduced, 5) You can make more proactive financial decisions.

If you’re deciding whether or not to switch payroll providers, consider this checklist for evaluating payroll services.

  • Do they send you information that is hard to read or understand?
  • Do they do a poor job communicating with you?
  • Do you feel you aren’t getting enough advice on your payroll?
  • Have you ever encountered a penalty for payroll tax violations?
  • Are you never sure what your payroll provider is billing you for?
  • Do you feel you’ve outgrown your payroll provider’s abilities?
  • Do you get custom reports to help reduce your time spent on payroll?

Although you do not yet have accounts to be checked, you can get a great deal of preliminary advice. You may want professional help deciding the format of the business – will you operate as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company? Each choice has implications in respect of legal contracts; registering for VAT and the amount of credit your suppliers will allow your business. Most accountants offer an initial free consultation, where you can ask many basic (or complex) questions, before deciding if you and that particular accountant are right for one another!

CFO services.  We work with business owners to manage their finance departments, connect them with business sources that can help them grow and provide financial data to help make strategic long-term or day-to-day decisions.

Start by filling out the contact form, and we will take it from there.


Here is a great geting started list for your apt.

  1. Prior Year Tax Return Copies.
  2. Personal & Dependent Information.
  3. Income Statements.
  4. Itemized Deductions.
  5. Retirement & Education.
  6. Health Care
  7. Stocks & Mutual Funds.
  8. Self-Employment.

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