Have you given your employees PTO to get COVID vaccinations and deal with potential side effects? How about when they need to help their family members after they get vaccinated? If so, kudos! It’s not required but definitely appreciated by your employees.

It’s also appreciated by the federal government because they’re giving business owners generous, refundable tax credits to make up for employee work time that was lost as a result of COVID vaccinations.

What are the COVID Vaccination Tax Credit Options for Businessowners?

1) If you gave your employees PTO to get COVID vaccinations or recover from vaccination side effects, you can collect the following sick leave credit: $511 per day for 10 days with a family leave credit of up to $200 per day for 60 additional days.

2) If you gave your employees PTO to help family members who got COVID vaccinations or suffered side effects, you can collect: A sick leave credit for 10 days and family leave credit for 60 days, both with a maximum of $200 per day.

3) Self-employed people with no employees can also collect similar tax credits. Call us at (952) 855-4520 to learn more!

If you have any questions or you’re interested in collecting any of these tax credits, you need to act fast. These credits are only available until the end of September, so you don’t have a lot of time left. Contact us today and we’ll help you get it done!

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